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Erosion Control Solutions

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Top Down Dust Capping, Erosion Control & Hydro-seeding


Eroson Control CSC
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Top Down Dust Capping, Erosion Control & Hydro-seeding

Co-Polymer Soil Cement

CSC is your unique solution from simple dust control to heavy erosion control.  CSC is a liquid co-polymer that has multiple applications.  CSC can be used for short term dust control, erosion control and dust capping.



Construction Sites
Mine tailing piles and stock piles
Train carriage dust control
Temporary car parks
Embankment stabilization
Anywhere there is airborne dust that is not trafficked


CSC advanced UV stable technology creates a superskin which is not only water resistant it is extremely flexible, durable and, can be used at very low dose rates. This polymer is unique, having been specifically designed for use in and on soils, sands and other free flowing or unbound surfaces.
CSC has a proven ability when used for hydroseeding to create successful vegetation growth by holding moisture and creating the correct environment for the germination.


Specifically designed for free flowing or unbound surfaces.

Fast setting and, once applied, CSC is not susceptible to weather.

Reduce dust to PM10 Standards.

Can be used on many soil types.

Provides safer roads and driving conditions.

Minimises wind and water erosion.

Can be topped up if dust appears or skin is broken.  

UV resistant.

Meets environmental requirements.

Can be used when Hydroseeding, dust capping & dust suppression and erosion control. 

CSC can be diluted with almost any water including Grey water.

CSC does not cure chemically it cures as the water evaporates and typically within 24 hours for the initial set.  


Temperature and weather are the primary factors and cold weather will significantly increase curing time. The lower the temperature, the longer the cure time.

Once applied CSC has a life span of between 4-12 months from the first maintenance coat.  Repairs may be needed where the surface crust has been broken.  

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