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Kfir Segev

SNS Flexi C Association


Born in Tel Aviv, Kifir and was only 16 years old when he became part of the construction team on the Ben Gurion TLV Airport as a heavy machinery operator.  Since that time, Kfirs interest in specialist vehicles, heavy mechanics and futuristic roading technologies has grown to the point where he navigates all of his projects to this field of business.   Kfir can take care of all of your dust control, erosion control and soil stabilization project enquiries in El Salvador. We offer the Range of Gravel Locks products our products as well as a full construction services.  

For all enquiries please contact Kfir Segev.

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Darren Lutze


+(64) 402179173

Darren Lutze is the Managing Director and CEO of Innovative Construction Materials PTY LTD, T/A as Inconmat Australia.  Darren established the company in 2009  with the firm knowledge that there are improved materials and construction methods for asset owners that are more durable and with less maintenance, be it for roads or infrastructure, extending life cycles, reducing OPEX and often CAPEX expenses. Darren has diverse background and gained extensive knowledge in the construction industries specialising in GFRP reinforcing and concrete technologies, he comes from a rural upbringing and heavy transport prior to that.

For all enquiries contact Darren Lutze.


Eran Viner

Viner Burch Global

United States of America

Eran is an entrepreneur who creates and drives business deals to a successful outcome. He is a skilled negotiator, and always strives to  find a way for all parties to be happy with the end deal. VBG uses their expert business modeling to serve as liaison between the technology creators/owners and the organizational end-users.  As both are our clients, we maintain an on-going collaborative, joint relationship.

For enquiries please contact Eran Viner