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Dust  Solutions

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Topically applied with a water cart. Instant, Inexpensive and Non-corrosive 

3-6 Months solution

Environmentally safe. 

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Pavement strengthening, moisture attracting Eco-Friendly Soil Stabilizer Cement & Dust Suppressant

12-24 Months solution 


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Dust Control:  Inexpensive, Instant and Non-corrosive

Instant Dust Suppression

RDC Road Dust Control works by keeping the fines in the pavement by drawing in moisture from the atmosphere, keeping the pavement damp, well compacted and ultimately keeps good roads good. 

In the right conditions RDC will last the summer season. 



Generally 2ltrs per sqm, with a top up of 1 ltr per sqm if and when required (not typically required)


Rural roading – Dusty gravel roads
Haul Roads - Forestry, Mining, Construction Sites & Agriculture
Mining Applications
Commercial Yards 
Highway Construction
Equestrian Arenas



RDC is a non-corrosive, inexpensive, instantaneous hygroscopic dust suppression system which draws moisture from the ambient atmosphere.  RDC binds the small soil particles around large soil particles keeping fines in the road where they belong.  RDC increases the strength of road material under dry conditions by keeping the material well bound over the dusty summer season and reducing particulate matter to well within PM10 standards.


RDC is environmentally safe non corrosive dust suppression product that helps save resources such as water, aggregate replacement, machinery running costs, labour, administration time and public health issues.

Locking down dust for extended periods with RDC affords communities who live on rural unsealed roads a healthier and safer living environment which in turn saves the Local Authorities and Councils resources, time and funding.

Application is rapid and the results are instant – no dust!

RDC can be diluted to lower the frequency of watering for dust control, saving precious resources.

Treated roads can be maintained by a light maintenance grade and compaction with limited or no effect on performance.

Easy installation with a purpose built water truck or tractor spray unit, minimising the need for costly construction equipment.

Used within maintenance cycles it has the benefit of keeping the pavement close to the Optimum Water Content which allows compaction from vehicles.

The use of RDC improves the running surface of treated roads, by reducing rolling resistance and maintaining surface integrity.

Generally 1 treatment per season; first application at start of the summer season.  Rejuvenation is usually 50% of initial application rate if and when rising dust becomes an issue.



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Short term Dust control
Long Term Dust control
Pavement Stabilization
Erosion Control
Pothole Fill
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Hygroscopic Eco-Friendly Cement & Dust Suppressant

Dust Control & Stabilization

HSC is an Eco-friendly Cement which is a self-healing, hard wearing soil stabilizer and dust suppression product that can be used in the construction of both temporary and permanent haul roads. 

As well as being a cement stabilizer, HSC is a dust suppression product. Being hygroscopic, HSC is able to draw moisture into the pavement keeping it dust suppressed, well bound, compact and maintenance free.


HSC is an eco-friendly cement stabilizer and dust suppression product which is environmentally benign and biodegradable and able to stabilize and solidify most types of soil or aggregate

HSC keeps excessive moisture out but allows the pavement to hold high enough moisture content to make a self-compacting, self-healing, strong, dust free pavement

HSC is a non-hydraulic setting cement and once cured produces a strong, wear resistant unsealed pavement

HSC can be sealed at a later date – up to 24 months 

HSC contains waterproofing agents to create a durable, water resistant matrix 


Compatible with most soil types – an eco-friendly, resourceful and inexpensive solution 

Where there is limited local material, HSC can be mixed with the insitu material to modify and improve marginal or substandard material

Provides a cement stabilized and dust suppressed pavement which draws in moisture keeping the pavement compact and well bound for extended periods.

HSC is successful at suppressing dust to PM10 standards 


HSC improves the engineering properties of the treated material and is proven to eliminate the cost of grading and re-sheeting 

On a Gravel Lock road, aggregate quantities were reduced by 40%


Roads construction is quicker, resulting in dramatic savings for the client and greatly improved productivity for construction crews and owners

Long lasting, the product can also be rejuvenated and reworked with a maintenance grade

Dose rates can be increased for more demanding environments

Increases CBR strengths

Where construction water availability is limited, brackish water is able to be used

Road can be trafficked while construction takes place

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