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About Us

About Us

Gravel Lock are your dust suppression technicians, supplying products to a global civil construction market.


With over 10 years of development and innovation Gravel Lock have created products to combat Dust Suppression, Stabilization, Erosion Control & Road Repair.


"Where Science Meets the Earth"

Our Story

Over 12 years ago and out of necessity, Grant Lewis Gravel Locks CEO and innovator, started researching the many issues contractors are faced with and realised that there was a necessity for an alternative to the traditional methods of construction that had been around for many years. 


Out of this research Flexi-C-Ment Gravel Lock’s flagship polymer modified additive to cementitious stabilizing was born shortly followed by HSC a non-hydraulic setting Sorel Cement, RDC a remarkable Road Dust Control and CSC for dust capping, short term dust suppression and hydroseeding.  A few years following on from this range, XTM – Xtreme a top down stabilizer and dust suppressant as well as PHF a coldmix pothole fill were added.  These are all exceptional products that have many excellent features and benefits for stabilization (long and short term) road repair, dust suppression and road maintenance.


After many years of intensive testing, both in the laboratory and in the ground, the results have provided a solid platform to conquer the challenges presented culminating in this specialised range of high tech products for the Civil Construction and Roading market place.  Gravel Lock wants to change the way that roads are built and give Customers a choice to use resources that may be considered not viable or marginal or, just use what they have on site. 


Achieving results like unsealed roads taking 300 logging trucks a day with no extensive maintenance for 36 months; dust free pavements guaranteed to last at least 6 months and more like the summer season to pavements seeing a year out with no complaints, references like “the best commercially available” from industry specialists we know we have it right!


Through hard work and determination Gravel Lock now proudly supplies products and services to the global marketplace with Sales Agents and or Distributors in Australia, Indonesia, Germany, Dubai, The Pacific Islands and of course New Zealand. 

Building Safer and durable roads

Our Vision

We are committed to changing the way roads are built. Using specialized and innovative technology, our products maximize durability, compressive and tensile strength and flexural strain, creating better and safer roads for individuals, industries and communities worldwide.

Gravel Lock has engineered different roading solutions to benefit various industries to improve the efficiency and safety of transportation from road to road. We are constantly improving our products and learning from each project and outcome that we have been a part of.

Our customers are at the core of our business and services. We work closely with our customers to discuss their project requirements and offer them technical assistance and advice when required. Here at Gravel Lock, we believe the consumer has a choice to use products and resources that the industry might consider not viable. Our employees are proud to work with us and investors seek out our company for long term gains.

Gravel lock blends science with the earth to create viable change in your roads.

Our Values


Our drive for success and excellence fuels the improvement of our global products,processes and services. For more than ten years we have been creating and extending our technology to provide safe, sustainable roads that improve the lives of our customers, our team and our local and global communities. Gravel Lock is committed that our customers receive the best solution for today's demands on their infrastructure projects.


Gravel Lock prides themselves on providing products and services that we stand by. From our extensive testing and collaborative relationships, our technology has been proven to lower costs for the industry, increase productivity and minimize the need for maintenance. 


Gravel Lock is proud to demonstrate clear morals and principles within our company. We lead with responsibility, respect, honesty and professional standards. We are not just committed to roads. We recognise our responsibility to the global challenge of roading, satisfying the basic social and economic needs, reducing negative impacts on the environment and consumption of natural resources. 

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